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Femade is an association of cab-drivers that was founded officially on Jaunary 31, 1991. It is based at Txorierri Auzoa nº 17 in Leioa, ehere it has a permanet staff of four who handle its Radio Taxi service and the affairs of the association itself.

Its members are cab-drivers from the towns of Lezama, Zamudio, Derio, Sondika, Erandio, Mungia, Ortuella, Santurtzi and the airport in Loiu.

The association was set up to defend the joint financial and business interests of its members and meet the demand for taxi services of residents in and visitors to the said towns.

We have been operating now for 19 years, which is proof of our broad esperience in the taxi business. We have decided that it is now time for us to explore new avenues, update our management structure and open up to new technologies and ways of contacting customers via the internet.

Welcome to Femade. We hope our website will provide you with the taxi-cab services that you need, but we can also offer more: a driver, a guide, someone who takes a real interest in you and yours.


                                            Regards: Femade

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