The new terminal at Bilbao Airport was opened on November 19, 2000. It is located in the municipality of Loiu, 13 km from Bilbao city centre.

The terminal building was designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava, and is known by local people as "La Paloma", which means "the dove". With its wings spread in the Txorierri valley, its busiest year to date was 2007, when it handled 4.286.751 passengers.

It is considered the hub airport of the north coast of Spain.

"La Paloma" is streamlined, elegant, bold in its desing and incredibly photogenic.

    Come and see it for yourself!

Vehicles at the airport

Our fleet of taxis at the airport

Taxis at the airport

The airport is our place of work.

The airport taxi rank has 111 cabs which cater exclusively for airport passengers.

Our association, Radio Taxi Femade, has 57 cabs at this rank every day. The line of cabs outside the airport terminal is our place of work.

We have a wide variety of vehicle makes and models.

Mid-range and top-of-the-range saloon cars, estate cars and people carriers.

Large cabs adapted for use by the disabled.

And people carriers for up to 9 people.

Call us: we can adjust to your needs. 

Airport services

Pre-arranged and immediate pick-up

To book a cab in advance contact us on tel. 94 480 09 09 or fill in our booking form.

Ask about our airport pick-up service for any destination at provincial, national and international levels.

Your driver will be waiting for you carrying a sing with your name in the arrivals hall.

Our know-how is at your disposal to get you where you need to go.

Forget about fare increases if you flight arrives late: we work at the airport taxi-rank and can solve the problem with no waiting fee for you.

Specific cab service

If you need a cab with special characteristics, e.g.

  • Baby seats and harnesses.
  • An extra-large boot for all your suitcases.
  • A top-of-the-range luxury car.
  • A cab adapted to take wheelchair users.
  • A 9-seater vehicle.
  • A cab fitted with bike racks (for two bikes).
  • A cab with a point-of-sale- terminal for payment by credit card.

Just indicate what you need on our questionnaire. We are here to meet your transport needs.

Corporate Service

Most taxis at Bilbao airport are used by businessmen and women.

Radio Taxi Femade works out of the airport and the surrounding towns in the district of Txorierri, which is home to the Zamudio Technology Park and around ten industrial estates, so we maintain a day-to-day commitment to the industrial and business development of Bizkaia.

We offer personalised service for firms, with the possibility of invoicing by the month for their trips to and from Bilbao airport.

Service for Tourist taxi

See the most iconic sights of Bilbao and the rest of the province.

Next we wouls like to suggest some routes. They are routes by taxi, for four passengers at the most and the driver himself. We leave from Loiu Airport and we tell the estimated time to do them, the kilometres done, and the fare.


Airport-Enekuri-Botika Vieja-Campo Volantin-Vda. Epalza-Askao (there is a possibility to stop for 45 minutes to see Santiago Cathedral, and/or eat some pintxos in the historic old city part)

Bidebarrieta-plaza Circular-jardines de Albia (a possible stop to get our strength back at Albia or Ledesma)

Gran Via-Sagrado Corazón-Plaza Euskadi-Guggenheim (30 minutes stop) Santo Domingo-Mirador de Artxanda (view of Bilbao)-Airport

Estimated time: 4 hours

Kilometres: 40 Km

Fare: 150€


Airport-Asua-Erandio-Puente Colgante (hanging bridge), (possible rise to the bridge Board above)

Ereaga Beach-Molino de Aixerota (Aixerota windmill), (view of the cliffs and the mouth of tha Nervión.)

Plentzia-Gorliz-Armintza-Baquio-San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (possible walk to the hermitage)

Bermeo-Mundaka (viewpoint for the estuary and Laida) Gernika (visit to the Meeting house) and return to the airport

Estimated time: 4 to 5 hours

Kilometres: 140Km

Fare: 175€


Likewise and thinking about our customers, we have a list of 16 destinations with their fares, so they can be a reference worth itself, or a rough idea in the equivalent distances.

The tours have been made taking the Loiu airport as the origin reference.

These fares are for the working daytime:

Fare 3

Monday to Fridays from 7h to 22h

For the fare 4, which is for the nights, saturdays and holidays, would be increased in a 10%.

Fare 4:

Saturdays and holidays

Fares of Origin-Destination 2013

Fares for 2013




ORIGIN.          DESTINATION.         PRICE.  

Airport.            Barakaldo.                 23-28

Airport.            Bilbao.                        21-26

Airport.            Burgos.                    270-300

Airport.            Durango.                    48-55

Airport.            Galdakao.                  27-30

Airport.            Gernika.                     55-60

Airport.            Getxo.                        27-37

Airport.            Logroño.                 220-245

Airport.            Mondragon.            100-110

Airport.            Pamplona.              240-260

Airport.            Portugalete.              28-35

Airport.           San Sebastian.        150-165         

Airport.           Santander.               140-155

Airport.           Santurtzi.                   30-38

Airport.           Termibus Bilbo.         26-32

Airport.           Vitoria.                     115-127      



Airport Barakaldo   20-25€
Airport   Bilbao 20-25€ 
Airport   Burgos 210-220€ 
Airport  Donostia (San Sebastian) 130-145€ 
Airport  Durango 45-50€ 
Airport   Gasteiz (Vitoria) 100-110€ 
Airport   Galdakao 24-28€ 
Airport   Gernika 42-46€ 
Airport  Getxo 26-30€ 
Airport   Pamplona 215-225€ 
Airport   Logroño 210-220€ 
Airport   Mondragón 90-95€ 
Airport   Portugalete 27-30€ 
Airport  Santander 120-130€ 
Airport  Santurtzi 30-34€ 
Airport   Termibús (estación de autobuses) 24-28€ 

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